Focused therapeutic relief offers relaxation while targeting problem areas.


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Swedish Massage

The key goal for Swedish massage is relaxation through the flushing of lymph fluid throughout the body and increasing circulation throughout the body. This increases oxygenation and nutrition to the muscle tissue.


Reflexology Foot Massage

The feet correspond to the whole body, and specific areas on the foot can affect the corresponding organs throughout the body. This treatment focuses on increasing circulation and bringing attention to every square millimeter of the foot and ankle.


Deep Tissue

This is a very focused type of therapeutic massage. Deep tissue doesn’t necessarily mean hard pressure and pain, but rather taking the time on each individual muscle for however long it takes  to get that muscle to release tension. This is especially beneficial for areas of the body with chronic pain and tension.


Full Body Hot Stone

This massage is very beneficial for relaxation, as well as releasing tension. The heat has the effect of greatly increasing circulation and reducing knots and adhesions within the tissue. This modality can have the effect of deep tissue release, without the pressure and time necessary. I incorporate it throughout the massage, while also utilizing all of the techniques in my skill-set.



Silicone cups, used as an additional tool during massage therapy, greatly increase circulation and help lift and separate adhered tissues. The cups are applied to the body with suction, and can either stay stationary or glide along the surface. 



I like to diffuse essential oils in the massage room to increase relaxation. I also offer peppermint oil during the neck massage, as it has properties that increase circulation and decrease inflammation. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to essential oils, please don’t hesitate to let me know.




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