Q: What is the service you provide?


I provide massage therapy, which is a medical therapeutic service.  


Q: Are you licensed?


Yes, I have completed all required education and training and am legally licensed as a massage therapist in the state of Idaho.


Q: Do I have to get naked for my massage?


Not necessarily. You can disrobe to whatever level you’re comfortable with for your massage. Some people disrobe completely, some prefer to leave their undergarments on.  


Q: Will you see me naked?


No. I utilize professional draping at all times, so only the area I am working on will be exposed at any given point during the massage. Draping ensures there are proper professional and physical boundaries between us, so both of us can feel as comfortable as possible and focus on the bodywork treatment. 


Policies  Cancellation Policy: Please contact me 24-hours prior to scheduled appointment time if you need to reschedule or make any changes. If no notification is provided by the client, then I will have to charge a rebooking fee of $25. 


Your First Visit  For your first session, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a health intake form and to discuss your treatment goals. Also, please shower the day of your treatment. 

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